We follow the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) Modern syllabus in grades Primary to Advanced 2, and the ISTD Jazz syllabus in Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. We offer the opportunity to take ISTD Modern and Jazz exams, however this is not a requirement in order to progress through the grades.

We also offer Modern classes to children of four years of age and upwards, providing many age-appropriate exercises to develop the children’s modern technique whilst making the lessons as fun as possible. The Modern syllabus includes short exercises designed for strengthening, limbering and developing specific skill sets, as well as longer exercises in which the children can enjoy using the space and amalgamating their skills into a polished piece of dance. Modern dance is a fantastic way to improve strength and stamina in a fun and rewarding way.

Our Jazz classes are available to children from eight years of age. We focus less on technical development and more on a sense of performance, helping the children to completely immerse themselves in the dance. The children enjoy the free exercises and dancing to popular music in these lessons. We aim to use these high-energy and fun classes to help the children to really experience the pure joy of dance.  Both Modern and Jazz students enjoy dancing in various outside events as well as our Christmas show and Summer Showcase.

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