General Data Protection Policy 2018 IMPROTANT - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY...

General Data Protection Regulations Policy 2018

Privacy Statement:

By agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you consent to us processing your data and you warrant that all data provided by you is accurate.

Personal Information:

We only collect and store the personal information that you have provided. We will store your

personal data for the length of time that UK law requires.

Storage and use of personal information:

All paper copies of children's and staff records are kept in a locked cupboard in The Rodborough studio. Members of staff can have access to these files, but information taken from the files about individual children is confidential and apart from archiving, these records remain on site at all times. These records are shredded after the retention period.

Information about individual children is used in certain documents, such as, a weekly register, medication forms, and disclosure forms. These documents include data such as children's names, date of birth and sometimes address. These records are shredded after the relevant retention period.

Dance Pointe collects a large amount of personal data every year including; names and addresses of those on the waiting list. These records are shredded if the child does not attend or added to the child’s file and stored appropriately.

Dance Pointe stores personal data held visually in photographs or video clips, unless permission is not given in the photo/video release form. No names are stored with images in photo albums, displays, on the website or on Dance Pointe’s social media sites.


We take every precaution to protect your information. All personal information stored online and in hard copy is sufficiently protected and secure. When documents including personal data are no longer needed they are destroyed.

Third Parties:

We do not pass on any of your information to third parties.

Changes to This Policy:

If changes are made to this Privacy Policy, we will inform you and provide you with the updated

copy of the Privacy Policy.

Data Request:

You have the right to request a copy of any of your personal information from us and to request that we delete personal information that we hold.

GDPR includes 7 rights for individuals

1) The right to be informed:

Dance Pointe is required to collect and manage certain data. We need to know parent’s names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses. We need to know children’s’ full names, addresses and date of birth. Dance Pointe staff are self-employed and, in order to deliver a safe and professional service, we require staff’s names, emails, phone numbers, DBS numbers, public liability insurance policy number and account details (for payment of wages).

2) The right of access:

At any point an individual can make a request relating to their data and Dance Pointe will need to provide a response (within 1 month). Dance Pointe can refuse a request, if we have a lawful obligation to retain data but we will inform the individual of the reasons for the rejection. The individual will have the right to complain to the ICO if they are not happy with the decision.

3) The right to erasure:

You have the right to request the deletion of your data where there is no compelling reason for its continued use. Dance Pointe will delete parent and child’s contact details upon membership termination. Following legal requirements, children's accident and injury records will be kept for 19 years (or until the child reaches 21 years), and 22 years (or until the child reaches 24 years) for Child Protection records. This data is archived securely onsite and shredded after the legal retention period.

4) The right to restrict processing

Parents, visitors and staff can object to Dance Pointe processing their data. This means that records can be stored but must not be used in any way, for example reports or for communications.

5) The right to data portability:

Dance Pointe requires data to be transferred from our hard copy system to other IT systems; such as to the Local Authority, for performance BOPA licences, and dance Associations for examinations. These Dance Pointe recipients have their own policies and procedures in place in relation to GDPR.

6) The right to object:

Parents, visitors and staff can object to their data being used for certain activities like marketing or research.

7) The right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling Automated decisions and profiling are used for marketing-based organisations. Dance Pointe does not use personal data for such purposes.

Last updated 17.05.2018

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