Welcome, and thank you for your enrolment in Dance Pointe Studios. Please read this policy carefully.  Any student that is not found to be adhering to the following guidelines may have their membership to the school terminated, at the discretion of the Principal.


Fees are to be paid in full at the beginning of an eight week financial term, on receipt of an invoice. A free ‘trial lesson’ is allowed for each child wishing to enrol, and a three week ‘settling in period’ follows, during which you can pay for lessons weekly. After the ‘settling in period’, the remainder of the financial term will be payable in full.  A full eight weeks’ notice is required before terminating membership to the school. Refunds will not be given for absences or early membership termination.  


A set uniform is required of all students after the ‘settling in period’, which can be ordered from Principal Louise or receptionist Stacey. Uniform should be kept in good condition and worn to each lesson. Hair should be well groomed, in a bun, or with grips if hair is too short to be tied up. Boys should have neat and tidy hair, kept out of the eyes at all times. It is important for students to look and feel smart, and a tidy uniform and well-groomed hair will help them to feel prepared for the lesson and improve their sense of performance. If a student comes into a lesson without properly groomed hair or incorrect uniform (unless in exceptional circumstances) they will be sent out of the lesson to tie up their hair or to change. No jewellery or excessive make-up is permitted.

Other guidelines:

Students are expected to behave in a reasonable way during lessons and to respond to teachers with respect and politeness; rudeness, bad behaviour and any behaviour that upsets or intimidates other students is in no way acceptable.

Only water is allowed to be brought into lessons. No food or sticky drinks is permitted in lessons.

Students must arrive in plenty of time to change and prepare for each lesson. Parents are not permitted to watch lessons. There is a parents’ watching week at the end of each term.

Please sign and date the accompanying registration form to declare your agreement to adhere to the enrolment policy, and your understanding that failure to adhere to these policies will affect the student’s place at Dance Pointe Studios.

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